San Sebastián – April/May 2017



Day 1 – To San Sebastián via Bilbao

This trip should be a little different, by Sunday there will be 9 of us barrelling through the old town of San Sebastián. A quiet trip is not to be expected.

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Glendalough – January 2017


It’s an icy, 8 am start on a Saturday morning in January and the body refuses to get out of bed. With just enough time for breakfast and a few jokes Orla and I pick up Eamon (not literally) and head off to Wicklow. Making great time, and having concerns about parking en route, we arrive to a, basically, empty car park. I’ve never seen Glendalough so quiet. The place is stunning as always.

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Iceland – October 2016


Day 1 – To Reykjavik & Staður:

By some bizarre coincidence, Orla’s second cousin (twice removed) Tyler is on our flight to Reykjavik en route back to the USA. So amazingly, we get to hang out with him for the day in Iceland. It works out pretty well for Tyler too as he has not booked anywhere to sleep in Reykjavik. A rental car does not make a good bed.

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Switzerland – July/August 2016


Day 1: To Zurich

This trip started the planning phase all the way back in November or December 2015 with the tentative idea that we would ‘go somewhere’ on the way to Heika and Paddy’s wedding round 2. Switzerland was developed somewhere between then and now. We had some hiccups along the way, our excitement to discover a place called ‘Orla’ right there above Lucerne on Google Maps, only to breakdown in laughter when we realise Orla is just logged into Google Services and that IS her name at the top. Oh dear lord. Against all the odds, we somehow got through the planning stage and after what seemed like an eternity of exams, moving apartments and working, the time for holidays is here and hopefully, after a failed attempt to buy some 21 year aged Kilbeggan Whiskey, we should be landing in Zurich in a couple of hours.

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The Crystal Maze……almost – June 2016

There are few things that beat realising you have arrived 3 hours before your flight to London takes off. Just about made it so…..ahhhhhhnd relax. Apparently, there are no seats pre-security in Dublin airport either, which only adds to the benefit of arriving real early. So if my screenshot boarding pass from Dave’s phone doesn’t work, I’ll be standing for another hour before the lads arrive. Full success. With fingers crossed, and Guy Garvey’s ‘Courting the Squall’ serenading me, I approach the turnstiles. Boooooop, I assume, and we’re through.

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Djouce and Maulin – May 2016

After some short negotiations on our commencement time, we settle somewhere in the middle for an 8 o’clock kick-off. Some homemade flapjacks, bananas and walnuts in the bag to help us power through and I’m fully packed. After a quick revision of the old inventory, everything is not where is should be, the need for appropriate footwear being, apparently, only an afterthought for me. Trekking some part of Wicklow in my bear feet is probably not advisable. I have very sensitive toes…..

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